Is it time to quit your job?

Is it time to quit your job?

Is it time to quit your job?

A recent survey, conducted by Survey Sampling International on behalf of SEEK Learning, showed that less than half of the 4800 Aussie workers surveyed were happy with their jobs.

So is it time to quit your job?

This is a pretty big question and only you really know the answer. There are however, a number of things to think about before you decide to take the plunge:

1) Is it the job or the organisation that is making you unhappy?

The first step is to determine why you don't like your job anymore. The answer to this question will help determine the next steps for you in regards to career. For example, if you like what you do but not where you work then you can look for a similar job within an organisation that better suits your requirements. If however, you no longer like what you do then you need to start thinking of what you want to do and what type of study or re-training is required.

2) Is there anything your current employer could do to make you want to stay?

For example, would you be happy if you got pay rise or more time off or more flexible working conditions? Try to pinpoint exactly what you don’t like and then think about whether or not if this is fixed would you stay?

3) Job prospects

Make sure you have a good look at what jobs are currently available in the area you want to work in. In particular if you have been with the one company for a while does your current skill set match the job descriptions of the potential jobs you would be applying for or will you need to undertake some retraining?

4) Affordability

Can you afford to be unemployed while you retrain or look for other employment prospects? As a recruiter, I often speak to candidates that quit earlier than they should have and are now desperate for any job rather than waiting for a job that will suit them better

5) Leave Amicably

Your reference both written and verbal is very important when looking to gain new employment. It is wise once you have resigned to continue to work well so your reference reflects your true work ethic. It truly is a small world and you never know when you may come across fellow employees so maintaining good relationships (where possible) is always important.