Socialising At Work

Socialising At Work

Socialising At Work

Should you be friends with your boss or employee outside of work?

So let’s pretend it’s Friday and as is customary on the last day of the week there will be many of you planning to catch up after work with your colleagues at the local pub/ bar to discuss the week that was. Socialising with colleagues is well accepted and often where we meet many lifelong friends, however, where does the line get drawn between employee and boss and can or should you be friends?

I came across this fantastic article in Forbes written by Kathy Caprino who is a career growth and personal success coach that outlines some key things to think about when considering a work friendship from both the employer & employee perspective.

In the article Kathy writes that:

“ a personal friendship outside of work can work only when both parties are:”

  1. Emotionally mature
  2. Transparent and honest
  3. Capable of effectively managing their feelings and emotions when things get tough
  4. Well-boundaried and can say "no" to what doesn't feel right or good
  5. Aware of the power dynamics at play and strong and brave enough to address them
  6. Not willing to use or manipulate other people as pawns for their own benefit

For me it’s a “no brainer”, I have some amazing friends that I am still in contact with who used to be my boss. For some people, however, it may not be so easy.

I would love to know what you think?

Click on the link below for the full article it’s a great read.