5 characteristics of a successful Call Centre Manager

5 characteristics of a successful Call Centre Manager

5 characteristics of a successful Call Centre Manager

Quality Call Centre Managers are worth their weight in gold in today’s job market. The role can be highly stressful as well as mentally and physically challenging as they are often the point of contact when complaints escalate as well as being responsible for a call centre team.

I read a recent article from Russell James where he states that the call centre manager is often “juggling a plethora of deadlines and goals, managers in the industry have their work cut out for them. The high-pressure call centre environment tends to foster a ‘sink or swim’ mentality, with many succeeding while others struggle to keep the chaos at bay”.

James’s article then went on to describe the top 5 qualities all successful Call Centre Managers have which I have summarised below. Great tips to keep in mind when screening candidates for a Call Centre Managers position.

Are you a Call Centre Manager? How many of these qualities do you have?

1. Good communication skills

A truly successful call centre manager places an emphasis on the simplest and most powerful means of communication: talking. Taking the time to listen to and engage with members of your team will allow you to strengthen these relationships, while gathering all-important staff feedback - ultimately improving your call centre processes in the long run.

2. Lead by example

An effective leader must demonstrate their own aptitude and inspire their team to follow suit - leading by example to motivate and encourage their workforce. Managers who don’t practice what they preach risk losing the trust of their team, so it’s well worth taking the time to show your agents the ropes and help out wherever you’re needed.

3. Show support to their staff

Empathy is a sign of any great leader, and showing you truly care about the progression and motivation of your team is a sure-fire way to inspire others to do their very best. Support comes in many forms - from ensuring staff have the right training to perform their job effectively to providing the necessary tools they need to be confident in their role - but however you choose to support your staff, it’s crucial that they feel they have a network available to them.

4. They keep things fresh

Monotony is the enemy of motivation, and introducing a sense of variety to your agents’ day-to-day routine will keep things fresh and give your team a welcome motivation boost. Shaking up the office environment can be tricky - particularly in the inherently repetitive call centre environment - but there are tactics used by the best managers in the industry that can have a powerful positive effect on productivity.

5. They hold onto top talent

Retaining top talent is a constant struggle in call centres, so it’s no surprise that improving employee retention is often top of the call centre manager’s priority list. The ever-present threat of employee attrition is often wrongly labelled as a problem rather than a symptom - and there are a number of simple, effective steps managers can take to hold onto top talent.

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