Is Meditation in the workplace a good idea?

Is Meditation in the workplace a good idea?

Is Meditation in the workplace a good idea?

Meditation In The Workplace

I once worked with a boss who closed his door for an hour after lunch every day (yes in the days when people still had a designated office) and meditated. As someone who has maintained a regular meditation practice, I thought how lucky to be able to do this at work. If you search the internet now for meditation or mindfulness at work there are numerous articles on the benefits.

So what are the benefits of meditation within the work environment?

1) Better Conflict Management How does this work? Brain scans of meditators versus non-meditators show that mindfulness meditation helps to trigger the relaxation response, the opposite of fight or flight. The relaxation response can be accessed during times of conflict or stress in order to solve rationally instead of reacting emotionally with the fight or flight response. Employees with meditation practices are aware of their immediate reactions and can more easily step away from a situation in order to make the best decision about how to solve an issue. By improving emotional intelligence and promoting the importance of listening to co-workers and peers, a mindfulness meditation practice can decrease the number of conflicts that arise in the workplace. 

2) The improved overall happiness of employees A regular meditation practice helps to improve overall happiness, self-awareness, and patience. Big corporations like AOL and McKinsey & Co. have experienced increased sales performance, proving that what’s good for the mind and spirit is good for the company’s bottom line.

3) Increased Employee Loyalty A company that offers meditation as part of an employee wellness program shows they care about its employees and will gain the loyalty of workers at every level, which will result in less personnel turnover and increased employee retention. Loyal employees will be less likely to test the job market, and will generally remain with a company for a longer period of time.

4) Increased Productivity The practice of meditation will help to improve the general productivity in companies of any size or industry. By helping employees at all levels deal with their stress effectively; focus more clearly on their own goals and the goals of the company, and communicate clearly with the other members of their team; the productivity of the employee will improve. And when productivity improves at the individual level, the overall productivity of the company improves too … which leads to increased profits and a healthier bottom line.

With proven success in the workplace and studies that show how meditation changes how the brain processes information to better manage stress and anxiety, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are jumping on the workplace meditation trend.