When was the last time you reviewed your recruitment company?

When was the last time you reviewed your recruitment company?

When was the last time you reviewed your recruitment company?

When was the last time you reviewed your recruitment company?

I recently received a phone call from a potential candidate whom I had met a few months earlier. This candidate was looking for some advice on a role being advertised by one of my clients and her resume had been put forward by another recruitment agency. After providing her with the relevant information she needed I enquired as to why her recruitment agency had not told her during her interview process and she said all she received was a brief phone call and a job description and nothing else? This made me think how often is this happening? Does the client know that this agency isn’t doing reference checks or pre-screening interviews? Do clients even review their agencies practices?

Employers invest a lot of time and money using agencies to find the right candidate when was the last time you looked at your recruitment agency and asked the right questions?

With this in mind here are my top 5 tips to find the right agency for you:

1. Specialist Positions

Large generalist recruitment agencies can be great for business’s that require a wide variety of roles however are they the best fit for roles that are specialised? It is important to look for an agency that specialises in your area of employment, as they should have a better understanding of requirements and knowledge in the hiring market with a much better understanding of what you are looking for regarding skills and experience.


Specialised agencies also tend to attract more qualified candidates, as these candidates will often seek out agencies that know about their industry.

2. Recruitment Strategies

Asking a recruitment firm about it's recruitment strategies before making a decision is a must. Many agencies say they use pre-screening tests and candidate verification steps to ensure that their candidates are as skilled as they say they are. Things to look for include: Are these processes documented; can you review them; do they include face-to-face meetings? This will give you an insight into how hard the agency will work for you.

3. Reputation

Reputation should be one of the key criteria when searching for a new agency or reviewing your current agency.

It’s important to seek out feedback from existing clients and from candidates if at all possible. A recruitment agency that can build and maintain relationships with both the employer and the employee is ideal as the ultimate outcome if for both parties to be happy.

An agency with a few long-standing, loyal clients will likely be successful as this long-standing relationship suggests repeat business from satisfied clients.

4. Customer Service

As a client of a recruitment agency, the quality of customer service that you receive should be paramount when making your decision on whom to partner with. When communicating with your preferred agency do you speak directly to your consultant? Are they available when you call or do they return your call quickly? How long does it take for return emails? If you’re having difficulties reaching someone at the agency—even during the consultation stage— take it as a sign to look in a different direction for your staffing needs.

5. Candidates

The last thing to consider and arguably the most important is how good is the candidate pool?

The perfect outcome for client and agency is to match best-suited candidates with the best suited organisation therefore creating long term placements. The best way to gauge this information is to ask questions: how long have they been recruiting for; how do they screen their candidates; what is there success rate is long-term placements; how would their candidates describe them?

If you are satisfied with their answers, then they may be the best fit for you and your organization.

Nicole is the CEO of Insearch Executive Solutions and has over 20 years’ experience in recruiting and relationship building with global leaders in the Finance, Telco, IT&T and Utilities industries.  Nicole is known for her ability to connect those hard to reach senior executives and her ability to relate to each client and candidate, resulting in long term relationships built on customer service, attention to detail and trust.

Nicole is passionate about helping people, and is passionate about her clients and candidates.

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