How Well Do You Know Your Recruitment Consultant?

How Well Do You Know Your Recruitment Consultant?

How Well Do You Know Your Recruitment Consultant?

I may be going out on a limb here but after almost 25 years of working in recruitment, I think I have identified three separate breeds of Recruitment Consultant.

First, there are the Masters. This rare and beautiful breed is genuinely in your corner; working hard to find the best addition to your team with as little disruption to your business as possible. If you have landed upon this breed, no need to read on, make yourself a cuppa – you have time to spare.

Next, we have the Marketers. A pesky breed, obsessed – not with finding you the right candidate – but with meeting their weekly quota of marketing calls. I’ve heard from one of my clients that he would receive up to 30 calls by different Recruiters in one week! Madness!

Finally, there are the Masters of Time Wastage. This breed can really break your day, sucking hours of productivity away through one fatal flaw in their recruiting process. They put candidates forward that they Have. Not. Even. MET!

Sure, sometimes this may work out fine – what appears on paper appears in real life, and you’re welcoming in your newest recruit. Most often, however, these interviews are a road to nowhere. You might waste an hour with one candidate or a whole week with a procession of square pegs.

If you’ve had any of these unfortunate experiences with the recruiting process, you need to ask yourself how well you know your recruitment consultant. Are they adding value to you, or are they only in this for themselves?

And if you’re done with wasting time on pointless phone calls and go-nowhere interviews, here are my two failsafe tips for clawing back those wasted minutes, hours, days!

Find out if your candidate has met face-to-face with the recruitment consultant

There is no reason to beat around the bush on this – you can ask the candidate directly – however you may find out more about your recruiter if you ask an open question. Something along the lines of, “When you met ‘so and so’, how well did they explain the role in your interview?

Set boundaries with your recruiter on phone calls

Tell your recruiter you only want to hear from them by phone if it is absolutely crucial. If you sense you are on a weekly quota call list, call them out!

How do you get the most out of your recruiter? Are you up front with them or do you prefer to hope for the best?