Candidates and Clients

Insearch Talent Solutions offers a tailored Recruitment Process.

We are experts in recruiting talent from our extensive andquality database.The potential candidates include active and passive executives who are leaders in their chosen fields.

Insearch Talent Solutions commitment to you is ‘honesty and Partnership’.  Our knowledge of the diverse marketplace ensures that the search for the best candidate is thorough, researching both nationally and internationally for the perfect fit for the role.

Each service is tailored to the clients brief. Working with you we will decide on a recruitment strategy that best suits your business requirements.
This may comprise of:



  Executive Search


Specialists in recruiting across a variety of industries, here are just some of the roles Insearch Talent Solutions recruit for.


Our team has experience in recruiting the following positions across Banking & Finance, IT&T & Utilities.

  Service Design

  Customer Experience Manager

  CX Designers

  UX Designers

  Contact Centre Managers

  Lean Six Sigma

  Project Managers

  Change Managers

  Head of Sales & Marketing

  Marketing Manager

  Human Resource Managers

  Digital Marketing Service Design


What We Help With



Insearch Talent Solutions provides permanent talent solutions.



Insearch Talent Solutions understands that business goes through a variety of business cycles.
At InsearchTalent Solutions we have the ability to partner with your business and provide a professional solution. Our contract team have available, reliable and dedicated professional contractors waiting to assist your business.


Executive Search

Insearch Talent Solutions provides an Executive Search capability. Due to the nature of executive search and the discrete process, the service is secured on a retainer basis. This allows Insearch Talent Solutions to work in partnership with the client to research and map the market for the best possible match for the Executive role.


Permanent Process


Job specification development (based on needs analysis)

The permanent recruitment process begins with a meeting between Insearch Talent Solutions consultants and the client to discuss the position to be filled. The consultant will assess the company’s long-term needs and the expertise required for the position in question.

At the initial meeting, Insearch Talent Solutions will familiarise themselves with the client’s company values and culture.  This will allow Insearch Talent Solutions to establish the best fit for your organisation. At the initial meeting, Insearch Talent Solutions and the client will agree on the job brief and terms of business.

Candidate Search

Candidates are sourced by a variety of means as specified below:

  • Database search
  • Social media
  • Research inactive candidates
  • Advertising

Managing Applications

Insearch Talent Solutions –will manage the candidate with extreme confidentiality throughout the process, each candidate will be guaranteed a bi-monthly follow up advising of where their application is in the recruitment process and whether they have been are successful or unsuccessful. The management of the recruitment process can be outsourced entirely to Insearch Talent Solutions.

Screening and Evaluation

Using the agreed job specification as a basis, the selection process begins with a full behavioural interview and various tests, where appropriate.

Presentation of Candidates

A shortlist will be presented to the client of the most qualified and suitable candidates.  This will be via email or a face to face meeting.  The client will then agree to meet the preferred candidates in person. All candidates presented are carefully tested and selected.

Conclusion and Evaluation

Once the client has successfully selected the right candidate for the position, and the start date has been determined, Insearch Executive Solutions will agree to a time suitable for both Client and Candidate to complete an evaluation on insearch Executive Solutions services.

Follow Up

Once the new employee is settled into the new role,  Insearch Talent Solutions will contact both the client and the new employee for a review to ensure that all parties are happy.